Farmo Water Level Meter - Configuration Tool

Please note that this configuration tool only works in the Google Chrome web browser on Windows/Mac laptop or Android mobile phone.

1. Activate your device Bluetooth by holding magnet over device for 3 seconds.

2. Press Select Device then select WLM-XXXX from the list, and click Pair:

Pairing status: Not connected

3. Select your cable length:

4. Click Read Device Settings to see your current settings:

5. Enter desired values in boxes below then press Write Settings to Device:

Data uplink period in hours (e.g. 12)
High trigger value in cm (e.g. 150)
Low trigger value in cm (e.g. 40)
Device status: 
Device firmware version: 

6. Reboot to save settings on device

v1.4 - Farmo Water Level Meter Configuration Tool
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